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Customer Insights

Give your customers a voice and grow from what they tell you! Invite their feedback and collect it through mobile, web, and phone. With over 12 years of experience in customer experience measurement & management, let us provide you with the insights you need so you can deliver the brand experience your customers deserve, build loyalty and increase top-line revenues.

Customers are a fickle bunch. They may be very satisfied with your brand and happily recommend it to others, but if they like your competitors just as much (or more), you’re losing sales.

ngage360 can help you deliver on the experience your customers expect from your brand while increasing positive social mentions, rescue lost customers, acknowledge great employee, build your email & SMS database, engage customers with relevant offers, and measure your performance with customized reporting for all stakeholders with our inclusive set of tools listed below.

In addition, by using our proven "Customer Segmentation" services, ngage360 can help you get more share of your customers wallet and increase campaign response.

  • Our VOC program includes:
  • Encouraging brand recommendations from delighted customer’s boosts social media ROI, increases positive word-of-mouth, provides you with new opportunities to monitor your progress, create new social marketing opportunities and increase revenues at low (or no) costs.

    ngage360’s social media advocacy engine identifies your delighted customers and converts them into active brand advocates by allowing them to effortlessly share their positive experiences with their friends with authentic recommendations via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Deepen your marketing reach by way of your new brand advocates to drive traffic, coupon redemptions and purchase by their friends without additional effort and minimal spend.

  • Give your team real-time, customer triggered alerts to resolve issues, win back dissatisfied customers quickly and convert them into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Prove to your customers that you’re listening, you care and you want them back by dealing with their issues quickly.

  • Employees are at their best when acknowledged by customers for delivering exceptional service. ngage360’s automated "RAVE" alerts will notify the local manager of the exceptional service provided by the employee so they can be acknowledged and even rewarded.

  • What is the value of a customer's email address or SMS contact information?

    Forrester™ determined that customers who opt-in into a email relationship spend an average of $133 more in a six month period than the set of similar customers who did not sign up and offers made via SMS avarage a redemption rate of between 10-15% and go as high as 40%.

    With these robust results, let us add tens of thousands customer email and SMS contact information to your database.

    The process is simple. As part of the survey process, customers are offered the opportunity to provide their information in order to receive offers from your brand or participate in future surveys with your brand.

    As customers are already engaged with your Brand, the opt-in rates are stagering. On average, 45% opt-in to your e-mail and SMS database and 32% opt-in to your online community for additional research.

  • Your website is a customer touchpoint you can’t ignore. How does the user’s experience on your site measure up? Is it consistent with the in-store experience? Does the browsing experience, purchaser satisfaction and fulfillment process represent your brand appropriately?

    We’ll find out, and then we’ll give you the action plan you need to improve.

  • It is very clear today's customers love coupons. In fact, over the past five years, there has been a 58 percent increase in the redemption of coupons by budget-minded shoppers. Coupled with research showing that 3 in 4 customers rather receive personalized coupons than generic, our VOC platform is a great tool to increase store visits and revenues.

    Your customers are not one-size-fits-all nor is the data they provide us during their interaction with your survey which means now you have the opportunity to provide them with relevant offers based on what they tell you during the survey process.

    It's simple. You provide us updated offers on a weekly or monthly basis and based on the way they answer certain questions, they receive a specific offer which can be tracked by way of a barcode or unique code. Coupons will increase regular customer store visits and compel new customers to visit your stores for the first time or make a return vist after a long absence.

    Some of our clients have seen up to a 15% redemption rate on their offers as customers are already engaged with the brand and the offers are relevant.

    Share of wallet is the metric that indicates the proportion of dollars customers are spending with your brand versus your competitors. It also allows you to understand your competitors by market along with the overall position your brand has. Owning anything less than 100% of your customer’s wallet share indicates an unmet need your product or service is not satisfying.

    As a metric, share of wallet is as equally important as your customer satisfaction or Net Promoter score. They work hand in hand. Just because your satisfaction score is high does not mean they aren’t shopping somewhere else. It just means their satisfied with what the portion of the items or services they purchased from you.

    ngage360 will provide ongoing analysis and integrate the key metrics you need to help customer loyalty, frequency, conversion and identify the unmet needs your products or services are not satisfying.

  • Reporting is the only measure of actions taken and related progress. Reporting is important and the KPI's measured differ by client and vertical.

    We've been working with all types of clients since 2001 and we understand different types of businesses as well as different levels of management require different types of reports which is why we don't believe in fitting our clients into a one-size-fits-all the reporting system. There is more to reporting than just averaging the sum of a question.

    Our first objective when launching a new program is to gather 2 to 3 months worth of customer data. Once we've gathered enough data, we sit own with our client to determine the type of customized reports they need, for which level starting at store level all the way up to senior management, the frequency and delivery method. Everything we do is customized to suit the clients business and culture.

    Every stakeholder gets the reports they need to assist them in building the business.

  • Now that we've provided you with the ideal reporting formats and frequency for all stakeholders in your company (See Customized Reporting), what about your Executive level, the leaders who guide the profitable growth of the company and the experience with the Brand customers expect?

    For them we'll provide a complete analysis of the data to provide a "top line view" of the data by question, trends, and outcomes at the 3 month and 9 month mark of the program that can linked, if the information is available, to actions taken by the marketing and operations teams.

    With this "top line view" in hand, it will provide them with the information they need to pinpoint possible trends or opportunities that can be investigated further by their team.

Customer Engagement

Did you know?

  • • 61 percent of email opens happen on a smartphone or tablet.
  • • It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message and 2.5 days to an email.
  • • 98 percent of text messages are read.
  • • Offers made via SMS can get a redemption rate of between 10-15%
  • • Redemption rates for mobile coupons are 10 times that of mail or newspaper-distributed coupons.

We'll help you increase door turns by providing customers with relevant mobile offers through multiple channels including websites, social, mobile web, Apps, mobile ads, SMS, Apple Passbook, Google Wallet, and more.

Offers can be based on geolocation, past purchase behavior, and profile data. If gamification is where you want to be, you can provide fun ways for consumers to engage with their offers using our 'mobile scratcher' game.

Can you afford not to have a mobile offer strategy?

As a savy marketer, you understand the benefits of delivering relevant offers to your different customer segments but you may be thin on resources.

Let ngage360 be the resource partner you need to create & manage segmented campaigns, let us help. We will design tailored creative messages for all your customer types or segments, deploy the emails and measure the results.

Running a sweepstakes without capturing rich customer data achieves only part of the objective. From simple sweepstakes to instant-win campaigns that create excitement and momentum, ngage360 offers a complete solution to get a sweepstakes online quickly, effortlessly, affordably that capture your customers critical data during the experience.

We have over 500 campaigns under our belt and 12 years experience executing sweepstakes campaigns for major brands in Canada & U.S.

Additional Services

Tired of expensive focus groups ?

Customer panels allow for customized research from your engaged customers that delivers results at vastly lower costs. Customers can be asked opinions on new product preferences, unmet needs, preferences for advertising and marketing messages or any strategic question that needs customer input.

The insights you need in a fraction of the time and at significantly lower cost than traditional research from customers who are invested in your brand.

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing your customers into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways which allows your brand to target specific groups of customers effectively and allocate marketing resources to create the best possible conversion rate.

ngage360 uses rigorous analytical techniques to identify patterns that organize customers into groups with similar attitudes, needs, and desires by product or service, sensitivity to price, buying habits, geographic area, demographic segment, psychographics, lifestyles along with the positioning and appeals that should be employed to reach each segment.

Segmenting and targeting specific segments of your customers can be a powerful strategy that can help you dominate your market.

Turning big data into actionable intelligence.

The true value of your data is in the customer insights it provides. Just seeing the “what” and “why” isn’t enough which is why we provide the “how”. As in, “How do I increase revenue?” How do I improve customer retention?” “How do I get customers to spend more?”

With a wealth of experience in understanding large, complex data sets, we provide a variety of data analysis services tailored to your project’s needs. We provide comprehensive data analysis services, from data validation to the creation of presentation materials.

Our Analytics Services include:

  • • Customer satisfaction optimization
  • • Loyalty program optimization
  • • Customer lifecycle analysis
  • • Lifetime value analysis
  • • New product or service optimization
  • • Advertising or promotion optimization
  • • Predictive analytics & modeling

ngage360 will uncover the insights that lie behind the names and numbers to help you adapt to your ever changing customer trends, market conditions and competitive threats.

95% of business leaders see customer experience as the next competitive battleground. (Gartner)

Case Studies


National Apparel Retailer


A large, multi-brand clothing retailer, needed a highly effective solution that would boost customer feedback for their brand with a view toward enhancing customer interaction.


ngage360 took on this challenge by designing and implementing a customer experience Management program that was highly effective in building customer feedback while promoting traffic back to the stores and website.

The objectives of the program, as determined by the client in consultation with ngage360, were:

1. Build a database of loyal customers

2. Use continuous feedback to understand customer drivers of delight and purchase

3. Build membership using a referral marketing campaign


1. Building a Database of Loyal Customers

Mailing to the client’s in-house list, 16,000 promotional post-cards were redeemed at the stores, with an amazing response rate of 31% of those customers going online to participate in the customer feed-back process. Of the online participants, a striking 64% opted-in to the email list to receive regular updates.

2. Continuous Feedback to Understand Customer Loyalty Drivers

Respondents were so engaged by the survey experience and benefits that a staggering 70% of participants wanted to participate in future customer research and 60% of them offered to do so once a month or more.

3. Build membership using a referral marketing campaign

Of the survey participants who referred friends, each told an average of 2.6 people, of whom 17% signed-up to become loyalty members, amounting to potential additional revenues of more than $380,000 annually.


ngage360 feedback program for the client was an overwhelming success with above industry online response rates, drove a high volume traffic back into the stores and client website, and built a large email database from which the client could regularly communicate with it’s customers to gain further insight into customer interactions with the brand.

All of the program’s primary goals were met with striking results and allowing the client to further build on it’s relationship with customer into the future.


National Apparel Retailer


A large woman’s apparel chain that specializes in stylish, professional clothing for career women 40+, with both regular and petite sizes needed an effective way to collect feedback from its customers so that it could improve the shopping experience for new and repeat customers in order maintain its strong position in the competitive world of apparel retail.


According to their Director of Stores, “We previously we relied on ‘mystery shopping’ to collect data, but ultimately what I wanted was to hear directly from our customers; in the end it’s the customer who votes. We needed to be able to get information on every aspect of the CLEO experience, from the attractiveness of the store windows to the quality of our loyalty program to feedback on specific products. You just can’t get that by sending in mystery shoppers.”


In order to get this detailed level of feedback, they selected ngage360 to help them develop a greater understanding of how visitors to the stores experience every aspect of their experience “They have helped us understand the people who build your business so we can consistently provide excellence across every touch point. Customer Experience Management VS. Mystery Shopping We can get feedback at a store level to find out where things are good and where they need improvement. For example, customers may love how our associates interact with them, but they may not like how the merchandise is arranged on the floor. ngage360 gives us that information, which we can use to make improvements.”


In the past, store managers would often challenge the results of the mystery shopping reports (especially when reviews were negative!), but the perceptions of “real customers” has eliminated this factor. “We do a monthly scorecard of every store and every region based on customer feedback, and it’s helping us make changes in areas where we need to make improvements.”

One area where the information has had an impact is training. “ ngage360 helped us measure the effectiveness of our training programs, and we retrained all of our associates based on the feedback that we received,” their Director of Stores says. “We also used this information to create new sales tips to help our staff be more effective in helping customers find what they need. We’ve even changed how we dress our windows to maximize their appeal to people who walk by and make them more effective as a draw to come into our stores.

ngage360 has been a great partner for us in helping us really understand our customers, their needs and how to get more from them.”


Global Travel Provider


Flight Centre North America is a leading retailer of travel products and services for the leisure and corporate markets. Headquartered in Vancouver, it has over 1,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada; its parent company, Flight Centre, is based in Australia. The company’s multi-channel distribution strategy sets it apart from competitors by offering its clients the choice of dealing with an agent either directly or in person, on the phone or online. Because of its heavy emphasis on customer service, Flight Centre needed a comprehensive system to track client satisfaction and perception.


Develop a multi-channel customer experience measurement system to track each individual client’s experience after the travel purchase and again after the travel experience.

Provide each retail location with a comprehensive reporting system that;

  1. 1. tracks the locations performance,
  2. 2. tracks each travel agents performance,
  3. 3. is actionable,
  4. 4. is easy to understand & use
  5. 5. is real-time.


ngage360 implemented a Customer Experience Management program for Flight Centre, which customers were prompted to take via in-store information packets in the forms of brochures and flyers.

According to Chris Preston, the company’s vice president of marketing, Because Flight Centre North America is a service-based company it is vital to be able to track customer response to its offerings quickly.

Survey results are made available to corporate managers in a monthly standardized report that offers a business-wide overview, and can be parsed out on a shop-by-shop basis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual outlets.


"With these tools we’re able to measure customer-service levels and set benchmarks," said Preston. "ngage360 gives us a vehicle to identify strong performances, to fix problems and to reward good behavior. It really served as a tool for us to get a handle on both customer behavior and customer demographics."

Flight Centre North America receives approximately 1,500 survey responses each month, said Preston. "This is certainly enough sample size to deliver valid results."

"This has really enabled us to get a clear snapshot of the customer service levels of each of our shops," he said. "Historically we got anecdotal feedback, which can be useful but is a bit random. ngage360 has allowed us to get a clear, consistent picture of how each store is performing.


National Apparel Retailer


Our client informed us that the average transaction was $25 but that purchases typically ranged from $18 up to $150.


Understand why the average transaction was low. Understand each customer segment’s purchase behaviours. Identify ways to increase the average sale by increasing basket size.


After data mining the data collected, we identified a series of items that were commonly purchased together. This allowed the retailer to identify different "product bundles" that were right for each customer group and test in a small group of stores. In addition, we determined which components of the customer experience, including employee behaviors, should be modified to have the most impact on the average sale. Comprehensive strategies were developed and deployed to take full advantage of the revenue opportunity.


Based on our findings and actions taken by the retailer, they realized an increase in the average sale amount of 3% or $1.50 in their test stores within 40 days which will generate an increase of $82,000 per store annually.


National Apparel Retailer


Management was concerned about declining sales, and with the average customer retention rate being 71% - 74%, this was likely due to customer attrition.


Our objective was to boost revenue by: increasing retention, stopping "customer drift" and winning back lost customers.


ngage360 discovered that 9% of customers were at high risk of leaving for the competition, 17% were at medium risk and 12% had already been lost. Our first task was to identify the primary causes of abandonment in order to arm the client with the right information for them to establish a plan to win back lost customers and curb future customer drift.

Once armed with this information, the first initiative put into play by the retailer was to contact all email opt-in customers and provide them with a compelling offer to return.

The second initiative was to review, adjust and test the improved components of the customer experience deliverables that had previously driven the dissatisfaction levels amongst customers.

The third and final step was to re-educate, motivate and reward customer facing employees to deliver the newly adjusted components that had the highest impact on customer satisfaction.


Based on our findings and actions that were implemented by the retailer, they projected a minimum annual increase in revenue of $100,000 per store by increasing customer retention rate by 5% and by winning back 2% of lost customers


National Apparel Retailer


Management knew their customers were visiting competitors to buy a number of products that they also sold in-store, they had a "sense" of why the trend was growing and they wanted to stop the trend or even better, reverse the customer drift to competitors.


Understand the fundamental reasons for the current level of customer drift. Understand each customer segments. Understand how to increase their frequency of visit by motivating the purchase of these items from them (and not the competition).


After ngage360 identified which products were being purchased at competitor stores, we were able to set realistic revenue targets. We then revealed that one group of customers was very likely to visit more often and purchase less from competitors

Each customer was then grouped according to their underlying motivations. For each group, specific strategies were applied to increase the number of store visits per month.


Based on our findings and discussions with the retailer regarding the changes they could implement, we projected an increase in visit frequency of these customers by 14% that would result in an increase of revenue of $212,000 per store annually. More importantly, this revenue was taken away from their competitors.


National Grocery Retailer


After measuring customer satisfaction for years, this national grocery retailer was questioning the value of the initiative and their return on investment. Management were continuously frustrated by the following:

  1. 1. Their customer data wasn’t telling them anything new;
  2. 2. Customer satisfaction had barely improved since their program began; 3. They couldn’t identify the direct link between customer satisfaction and revenue.


They partnered with ngage360 to implement a statistically proven method of using customer satisfaction to increase revenue. We proposed a plan that would allow them to

  1. (a) quantify missed revenue opportunities,
  2. (b) identify the root causes of customer satisfaction and (c) link satisfaction improvement to gains in wallet share and sales.


Our first task involved an evaluation of their previous program to identify "gaps" in the following processes:

  • " Customer research methodology
  • " Reviews of customer strategy
  • " Tactical implementation and monitoring
  • Our customer research team revised the customer survey to ensure proper data was being captured. Also, the survey website was enhanced to create a more positive user-experience.

    ngage360 used quantitative statistical analysis to identify the primary drivers of customer satisfaction within each area of the store. From this, we determined how much each driver influenced satisfaction and wallet share. Customer satisfaction drivers were then divided into three categories:

      " Employee-related
    • " Marketing-related
    • " Store environment-related

    ngage360 developed strategies and tactics to improve each driver. Employee-related drivers were improved through new processes, training and coaching. Marketing messages and vehicles were tweaked to improve key marketing-related drivers. Drivers related to the store environment were improved by enhancing merchandising and distribution.

    Progress was tracked, almost in real time, to allow each level of the organization to see how their efforts increased revenue by taking wallet share away from the competition.


    Based on our findings and actions taken by the retailer, they are on track to realize an average increase of revenue of $151,000 per store annually as a result of a 23% increase in customer satisfaction in 12 month.


National Home D"cor Retailer


With 81% of shoppers leaving the store empty-handed, this client knew that increasing their customer conversion rate would deliver untapped revenue. They turned to ngage360 to tell them how.


A store traffic study revealed that 81% of shoppers who entered the store left without making a purchase. That’s a customer conversion rate of only 19%.

ngage360 worked with senior management to calculate the untapped revenue from this group of potential customers. Our objective was to convert more browsers into buyers by breaking down the barriers preventing them from making a purchase.


ngage360 launched an in-store shopping study and discovered three primary causes for store abandonment:

The store’s merchandise is attractive and affordable. However, prices were located on the bottom of most items and shoppers rarely picked them up to see how affordable they were. Since items were perceived to be more expensive than they were, shoppers were leaving

1. The store’s narrow aisles, common at a majority of the locations, discouraged shoppers from browsing beyond anything located at the front of the store. This was due to their fear of breaking the delicate merchandise.

2. Store employees are required to assist shoppers on the sales floor and then also assist them at the check-out. However, the design of most stores prevented employees on the sales floor from seeing shoppers waiting in line at the cash register. This ultimately led to abandoned purchases.

3. After capturing the insights above, ngage360 developed a series of operational, merchandising and marketing tactics to address each barrier-to-purchase.

Tactics were implemented at a small group of test stores to determine the impact each one had on the customer conversion rate. After proven to be successful, each tactic was rolled out across the chain.


Based on our findings and the changes that could be implemented by the retailer, they projected they could increase per store revenue by $175,000 annually by increasing customer conversion rate by 3%. The planned increase in conversion was achieved in 5 months.


National Apparel Retailer


A women’s retail clothing chain had spent $25,000 on radio advertising in a large but local market with plans to launch a national radio campaign to meet a specific promotional period but the feedback they received from customers indicated the advertising message was disjointed and uninspiring.


Before expanding the advertising campaign to other radio stations and additional markets, they needed feedback within 2 weeks as to;

  1. 1. What % of customers heard the ad,
  2. 2. What was their perception of the ad and 3. What changes, if any, should be done to make the ad more relevant.


The client had a growing database of customers through their ongoing ngage360 Customer Experience Management Program. 63% of Customers had opted in to be contacted to give feedback in exchange for incentives. Within 14 days, ngage360 in conjunction with client:

1. Created an Online Survey (containing 2 survey branches with multiple choice, audio streaming and open text questions

2. Organized the Draw, Prizing and fulfillment as well as wrote the Contest Rules;

3. Emailed customers in the Radio Stations’ listening area (customers were identified by postal code) an "exclusive" chance to win one of three $100 outfits in exchange for their completing a short 13 question survey within 10 days.


The survey / incentive offer generated a 33% response rate. Within the first 4 days, 18% had responded. So within 14 days of asking the question, the Client was able to make an informed decision to change the Radio Ad creative, but retain the Ad dollars at that Radio Station.

The client’s customers perceived the ad’s tone as being too young and the overall creative to be annoying. In addition, 35% of the respondents had heard the Radio Ad / listening to this particular Radio Station.

Using analytics to make customer interactions relevant can increase retail operating margins by an impressive 60%. (McKinsey)

Why ngage360

ngage360 brings together over 12 years of expertise in data collection, customer experience management, and analytics to create game changing insights. In addition to our data expertise, we harness the power of proven customer engagement tools to help our client create experiences to more effectively connect with and engage customers.

We don’t fly by the seat of our pants and hope for the best like some traditional agencies do. We listens to clients and becomes intimate with their customers, to what they say, to how they act, by collecting and analyzing behavioral, transactional and loyalty data before recommending a customer engagement program. What does it all mean for our clients? It means we simply do what’s right for them.


We collect, aggregate and analyze customer behavioral, transactional, loyalty, and any other data sources to identify actionable insights. Insights that tell our clients how they can increase loyalty, become more relevant to customers, and increase revenues.


We follow pragmatic data driven process to choose the most effective program to acquire, retain, and engage customers more effectively. If we don't have the toolss required under our roof, we'll go out and find it.


We continually measure to maximize effectiveness and optimize ROI by determining a few fundamentals to focus on such as reach, engagement, conversion/redemption, experience, revenue gains and sharing to name a few.

ngage360 has the experience and expertise to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, build loyalty by delighting your customers and help you deliver multichannel solutions to engage your customers in relevant relationships.

Mobile offer redeemtion is 10X that of traditional offers and segmented emails drive 18X more revenue than broadcast emails. (Jupiter Research)

About Us

ngage360 is a Customer Engagement agency that leads with data, analytics and proven engagement tools along with creative, technology and execution to deliver individualized brand experiences to our client’s customers.

For the past 12 years, the marketplace knew us as ngage360, a leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider that leveraged customer intelligence & insights to drive revenue and loyalty for our clients.

In 2013, it became clear our clients deserved more from us and it was time to leverage our extensive customer intelligence experience and tools we'd been using to re-position ourselves as a Customer Engagement agency .

Our team is made up of hands-on, service-oriented and fiercely committed people. This allows us to work on behalf of you, the client, to ensure that analytic outcomes are feeding the process to deliver the right action to the right audience at the right time whether it’s a message, an offer or a smile while always remembering that engagement isn’s solely about delivery, it about listening as well.

Higher than average employee engagement realized 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales and 50% higher customer loyalty. (IFI)

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  • The business partnership during the last few years with ngage360 has been very successful for our company.

    We learned a lot about who our customer is, how she spends, what her needs are, what we need to do to meet her needs, and what we need to do to benefit from increased wallet share.

    I would recommend ngage360 for any business or company interested in growing their revenues by speaking to their customers regularly to learn more about their shopping patterns and behaviour.

    Chief Operating Officer300 Store Chain
  • On behalf of our team, we want to thank ngage360 for the rapid and stress free deployment of our Voice of the Customer program across our network of stores.

    Our relationship to date has allowed us to informatively define our brand positioning, capture valuable customer insights and identify actionable opportunities for increased revenue.

    We knew we had a winner when we captured 12,500 customer surveys in one week alone as well as grow our customer opt-ins by an incredible 33% using the integrated refer-a-friend system.

    Thank you for working hard to launch the program and for introducing our brands to tens of thousands of customers.

    Regional Director, Marketing 1,021 Store Chain
  • We want to thank you and your team for designing and implementing a Customer Experience Management solution that delivers far greater value than any mystery shopping program.

    • We have conversations with our members…instead of feedback from paid strangers.
    • We generated an average of 235 surveys for the month…typical mystery shopping programs yield just 1 mystery shop per location, per month.
    • 39% of responding members opt-in to our email marketing database…we would have 0 with mystery shopping.

    We take what our customers tell us seriously and use it to improve their experiences at each of our locations. Your ongoing analysis and "push" reporting system gives our operators access to the insights they need to help us achieve this goal.

    Beyond the customer intelligence you provide, your system integrates with our other objectives nicely. The online instant win game engages our customers and keeps them coming back. The refer-a-friend continuously introduces our brand to potential members. The automated e-coupon targets different visitors and offers them different products and services that drive them back to the locations.

    We look forward to continued success for years to come.

    VP, Customer Experience 192 Store Chain
  • ngage360 provides us with the ability to hear, understand and act upon what guests are thinking and saying about us.

    They intelligently, monitor, measure, analyze and provide game changing insight to our entire team.

    By understanding who our guests are and what they want from us, we can focus on delivering the experience, pricing, promotions and assortments that are relevant to our guests. This moves our guests to the center of our decision making process, which creates loyalty for our brand.

    President156 Store Fast Food Chain
  • We’ve benefited greatly from our partnership with you over the last few years.

    The team you assigned to our business is professional, committed to our success and over-deliver on our expectations every time.

    I would recommend your services to any other retailer who's looking to improve customer satisfaction, retention and wallet share.

    VP, Operations141 Store Chain

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